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Riesling Icewine Style

Sweetness: SWEET   Alcohol: 11%   Oak: None   Body: Medium-Full

Honey, peach, sweet citrus and marmalade.

Cabernet Franc Icewine Style

Sweetness: SWEET   Alcohol: 11%   Oak: No   Body: Medium-Full

Honey, strawberry, cranberry, and rose petal


General Kit Information

Completed: 6 Weeks             Volume: 11.5L     Approximate yield : 15 x 750 ml bottles or 30 x 375 ml bottles

Price:   Wine Kit: $115.00    Made in Store: $168.00 (Price includes shrinks, labels, labour, corks, and taxes)

Raise a glass and say cheers to AprèsTM, your after-dinner indulgence or special occasion showstopper. These flavourful and aromatic specialty wines offer uncompromising quality and allow you to enjoy the sweeter side of life. Proudly share your delicious dessert or ice wine style while celebrating with family and friends, or put up your feet at the end of the day and unwind while enjoying a sweet treat.