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Q: I want to make a batch of wine in your store, but how does it work?

A: You need to come in and pick up the kind you like. Then you should provide your own labour of making the wine, which is simply to put the yeast into the pail (2-second “hard” work).  In 4-8 weeks depending what kind of wine you choose, we will call you and book an appointment with you to bottle your wine. For bottling one batch of wine, it takes about 30 minutes to one hour. The bottling process is all automatic and simple. Our employees will teach you how to do it before you start it, and will help you whenever you need us.

Q: I noticed your prices include everything but not bottles. How much are your bottles?

A: It depends what kind of bottles you choose. The 750ml green or clear bottles are $13.99 plus tax each case of 12. A single 750ml green or clear bottle is $1.5 plus tax. 

Q: How many bottles can one batch make? If I don't need that many, can I only order half batch?

A: Most of our kits make 23 litres of wine, which is 30 bottles of 750ml wine. Icewine style and dessert wine kits make 11.5 litres of wine, 30 bottles of 375ml wine. You can't only order half batch, but you can ask a friend to order and share a batch with you.

Q: What's the difference between your wine and commercial wine from LCBO?

A:  According to our customers, the quality and taste of our wine are the same as commercial wines that cost much more.

If you only bought wines from liquor stores before, we are very confident to say that you will be satisfied with our wines when you compare our wines with commercial wines. And you only need to pay a fraction of the cost.

Q: I want to make a batch of wine but want to write something on my labels. Is that possible?
A: Yes, we have customized labels that you can decide what to write on. We charge $6.29/30 customized labels if you make your wine in our store. 

Q: Can I drink my wine right after I bottle it?
A: For our Niagara Mist (fruity wines) wines, you can drink it right after you bottle it. For other wines, it might take some time to age and reach the best taste. Our employees can give you suggestions based on the kind of wine you choose.
Q: How should I store my wine?

A: Store in a cool (around 13-20 degrees, no rapid temperature changes), quiet (vibration free), dark place and keep your wine bottles on their side so that the corks stay moist.
Q: Do you sell equipment for making wine at home? What are they? How much are they?
A: Yes, we sell wine-making equipment for customers who make their wine at home. A good equipment starter kit will include the following:
primary fermentor (pail)
23 litre carboy (glass or plastic)
bung and airlock
hydrometer (to check specific gravity)
test jar
racking tube
siphon hose (about 5 feet)
The Price of the equipment kit is $109.99 plus tax.