Sweetness:  2   Alcohol:  12%   Oak:  None   Body:  Light

A light straw colour with hints of citrus and floral on the nose. A zingy wine with crisp fruity flavours of citrus, apricot and honey. Great with salty dishes, antipasto plates and spicy Asian dishes.


Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  Yes   Body:  Medium

The popular Merlot grape produces an exceptionally soft, low tannin wine rich in flavours of strawberry, plum and spice. Partners well with lamb chops and beef stews.


Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  Yes   Body:  Medium

A classic single varietal with deep straw yellow colour, a fruit-forward bouquet and a balancing touch of oak. Flavours of crisp, green apple and tropical fruit dominate the palate. Enjoy with stuffed turkey and roasted chicken.


Alcohol:  13%  Oak:  Yes  Body:  Light-Med

The most famous wine of Italy to drink young or aged. A lively fresh and fruity wine that is produced from classic red grape varieties. Spicy sausages and tomato based pasta dishes work well with this palate pleasing red.

Vieux Château du Roi

Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  Yes  Body:  Med-Full

A big, full-bodied complex blend with a generous bouquet of ripe blackberries, black cherries and plums which also carry through on the palate. Your family will love this wine with stews, full-flavoured cheeses and grilled beef. Includes Elderberries.

Pinot Noir

Alcohol:  13%  Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium 

An elegant red wine with ripe red berry flavours, particularly cherries and strawberries. A medium-bodied, easy drinking wine best enjoyed with gourmet pizzas, mushroom based dishes or as a sipping wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  None   Body:  Medium

This wine has a herbaceous, floral bouquet with gooseberry and citrus fruits on the palate. Try this refreshing wine with antipasto, salads, goat cheese, creamy pastas with asparagus and pan-fried fish.


Sweetness:  2   Alcohol:  12%   Oak:  None   Body:  Light

A distinctive and exotic wine with an intriguing floral bouquet. An off dry white wine with flavours of lychee nut and grapefruit. This wine is superb with spicy dishes such as a chicken curry.

**NEW Moscato

​Sweetness:  6  Alcohol:  8.5%  Oak:  None  Body:  Light

Full of playful, sweet, floral aromas, this wine boasts flavours of ripe peach and tropical citrus. Enjoy a glass with spicy Thai and curry dishes.

Montepulciano Style

Alcohol:  13%  Oak:  None  Body:  Medium

Widely grown throughout Italy, this deep coloured, medium-bodied red wine has spicy, fruit-forward flavours. It is smooth and mellow and possesses good aging potential. Try this with grilled steaks or beef shish kabobs.


Alcohol:  13%  Oak:  Yes Body:  Full 

One of the cherished Italian wines - deep in colour, high in tannin, full-bodied and robust with ripe black fruit flavours. Barolo should be cellared for several months before enjoying. Matches well with full flavoured red meats and hardy stews.

Primo Rosso

Alcohol:  14%   Oak:  Yes   Body:  Full

Primo Rosso is a full-bodied powerful ruby red wine with incredible depth and complexity. Aromas of cloves, nutmeg, black licorice and candied fruit and flavours of black cherry and blackberry with hints of spice and warm oak. A perfect complement to all red meats and full flavoured dinners.

Cabernet Merlot

Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  Yes    Body:  Medium

A classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - rich, dry Cabernet and fruit-forward soft Merlot. Warm, full-bodied with a red and blackberry bouquet. A great companion for spicy beef or lamb.


General Kit Information

Completed: 6 Weeks             Volume: 16L

Price: Wine Kit: $128.00   Made in Store: $181.00 (Price includes shrinks, labels, labour, corks, and taxes)

Bringing the tradition and heritage of premium wines into your home.

Legacy ultra-premium 6 week wine kits are skillfully blended from vintage-class varietal grape juices and concentrates from renowned wine producing countries around the world. Each kit comes complete with everything required to make exceptional wines to enjoy on any occasion. Legacy wines will develop even richer characters with traditional cellar aging.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol:  13%   Oak:  Yes   Body:  Medium

This classic and robust red variety produces an aromatic, deep ruby red wine with bouquet and flavours of black currant, spice and plum. Impress your guests with beef tenderloin or lamb matched with this traditional varietal.


Alcohol:  12.5%   Oak:  None   Body:  Medium

This ruby red wine is fresh and dry with rich fruit flavours and is perfect to be consumed early. Great with warm roast beef sandwiches and pastas.

Liebfraumilch Style

Sweetness:  2   Alcohol:  12%   Oak:  None   Body:  Light

Johannisberg Riesling is the feature variety in this popular German style wine. It has light fruit on the palate and is enjoyed slightly sweetened. Excellent paired with Asian cuisine and spicy chicken dishes.

Pinot Grigio

Alcohol:  12.5%   Oak:  None   Body:  Medium

A majestically soft, dry white wine that is low in acid with peach and tropical fruit flavours on the palate flavours. Can be enjoyed early with favourite spiced chicken dishes and grilled white meat seafood.

Piesporter Style

Sweetness:  2   Alcohol:  12%   Oak:  None   Body:  Light

This popular German wine is delicate yet refreshing with a fragrant bouquet accented by hints of honey. An excellent choice for summer salads, lightly spiced chicken and mild curry dishes.