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Double Blast Bottle Washer

Double Blast Bottle Washer

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Eliminates all stress on faucets and water-hammer damage to pipes.
  • Temperature resistant to 60 Celsius 140 Farhanite
  • Use the Quick Connect hose to instantly connect and disconnect.
  • A wide base guarantees stable operation in any sink.
  • Easy to use.
  • Press down to rinse, lift to stop.
  • The large carboy nozzle
  • The special tip on the large carboy nozzle is designed for rinsing siphon hoses and tubes.
  • During installation be sure to cut the hose to the correct length so that the washer sits flat in the sink.
  • Make sure the flat side of the plastic connector that screws onto the faucet is facing you.
  • Product of Canada


  1. Thread brass half of Quick Connect onto laundry faucet. The flat side of the plastic connector must face the front of the sink.
  2. Join the two halves of the Quick Connect as shown.
  3. Cut hose to measure “A” plus 1”. 
  4. Connect hose to washer body. Washer should sit flat in the sink.
  5. Twist hose so Quick Connect prongs are parallel with nozzles. 
  6. Install hose clamp. Do not over tighten.


  • Use small nozzles to rinse bottles. For carboys, slide off small nozzles and replace with large nozzles. 
  • To rinse racking tubes, filters etc., press a standard siphon hose on the tip of the large nozzle.
  • Kitchen faucets require a Kitchen Faucet Adapter. 
  • Turn off faucet before disconnecting.
  • Temperature maximum: 140˚F or 60˚C

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